August  Lisle, IL First general chapter after acceptance of the Constitutions of Congregation of St. Scholastica First General
1926   June  Chicago, IL  First General Chapter after approval
1928   June  Atchison, KS  General Chapter Extraordinary
1932   June  Lisle, IL  
1938   June  Lisle, IL  
1944   June  Lisle, IL  
1950   June  Lisle, IL  
1956   June  Lisle, IL  
1962   June  Lisle, IL  
1966    Covington, AL  General Chapter Extraordinary
1968   June  Chicago, IL  Session I
1969   June  Chicago, IL  Session II
1971    Nazareth, KY  Pre-Chapter
1971   June  San Antonio, FL  
1973    Nazareth, KY  Pre-Chapter
1974   June  Atchison, KS  
1978   June  Denver, CO  Pre-Chapter
1981   June  Lisle,IL  
1982   June  Atchison, KY  
1985   June  Crestview, KY  Pre-Chapter
1986   June  Canon City, CO  
1989   June  Atchison, KS  Pre-Chapter
1990   June  Allison Park, PA  
1993   June  Atchison, KS  Pre-Chapter
1994   June  Elizabeth, NJ  
1997   June  Canon City, CO  Pre-Chapter
1998   June  Erie, PA  
2001   June  Cullman, AL  Pre-Chapter
2002   June  Latrobe, PA  
2005   June  Cullman, AL Pre-Chapter
2006   June  Erie, PA  
2009   June  Lisle,IL  Pre-Chapter
2010   June  Atchison, KS  
2013   June  St. Leo, FL  Pre-Chapter
2014  June  Atchison, KS  
2017 June St. Leo, FL Pre-Chapter
2018 June Cullman, AL  
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